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Kids Information Database Access System for Emergencies

KIDBase is a program developed by the NC State Office of Emergency Medical Services for Children in 1999. The project is intended to better prepare families, EMS personnel and caregivers for emergencies involving a medically fragile child. KIDBase identifies special needs kids in the community and registers their medical information with the local EMS agency.

MedPro Rx believes it is very important for persons with chronic conditions to prepare themselves for the possibility of an emergent situation. In light of this, MedPro Rx has developed a KIDBase program specific to those with bleeding disorders. Tiffany Holland, a mother of a child with hemophilia, sits on the North Carolina EMSC KIDBase board. Tiffany has assisted MedPro Rx in the development of this KIDBase program specific to children with bleeding disorders in efforts to inform your community EMS and help you keep your child safe.

Once introduced to the program, the parents are given a medical information sheet for their doctor to fill out. This information sheet was developed for the use of medically fragile children. The sheet includes the name and address of the child as well as the medical diagnosis, baseline information, current medications, and any emergency medical plans that may already be in place. Copies of this information sheet are then given to the local EMS agency who will keep them on file. It is recommended that additional copies are given to the school, day care and anyone else who regularly cares for the child. One copy is to remain with the child at all times by placing it in the school or diaper bag where it will always be accessible to emergency care providers.

Please contact MedPro Rx toll-free at 1-888-571-3100 for an information packet on the KIDBase program. The packet will include:

  • KIDBase form
  • KIDBase brochure
  • KIDBase window cling
  • Letters to your child's physician, caregivers and EMT staff
The forms below are available in PDF format. Select the appropriate link to begin the form download. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ installed, see the bottom of this page.

Once the form is complete you will want to make multiple copies. Keep at least one copy and the original for yourself. Provide one copy to your child's doctor, and one copy for your child's school or daycare provider. Remember to always keep a copy with your child as well. It is also important to keep blank forms on hand when there are changes and updates in your child's medial information. Remember to tell everyone who cares for your child where the form is kept so they can give it to EMS in an emergency.


Click here for more information about KIDBase.

   Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ is available at no charge from the Adobe® web site. Click on the logo to start your download.