No awards mean more to us than the positive experiences of our patients.

Read what our valued clients have to say about MedPro Rx’s treatment and service- we hope you will consider joining the MedPro Rx family.

“I am currently receiving IVIG treatments through MedPro Rx and wanted to let you know what an amazing organization my nurse represents. I have talked with many different MedPro Rx employees and without exception all are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, understanding and very sensitive and caring concerning my needs…….”

……..“this brings me to the nurse that has been overseeing my IVIG infusions. I used the word “amazing” earlier in this email to describe your organization. Amazing applies equally to her. She has already spent many an hour with me in my home with many more hours already scheduled for future infusions…I have not just been WELL cared for, I have been EXTREMELY well cared for…the entire MedPro Rx staff deserves such an “Amazing Fan” award from me.”

– TS, Philadelpha, PA

“As a member of the senior management staff of the organization I work for, I understand the importance of management setting the tone for building a corporate culture that is reflected in its employees’ and associates’ activities. It is obvious that you and the entire MedPro Rx management staff and have succeeded in creating an organization that values its employees and patients and has created a team that, in my opinion, is second to none.”

– KH, Westbury, NY

“I have every confidence that as I progress through my medical treatments that I am being well served by an organization that has my best interests at the top of their priorities.”

– TW, Baltimore, MD

“I would be happy to be your “poster child” for any future promotional activities MedPro Rx may undertake. That is the least I can do to repay you for your efforts on my behalf.”

– JC Lutz, FL