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MedPro Rx, Inc. manages every aspect of your specialty pharmacy services for the treatment of patients with hemophilia, autoimmune neuro-muscular and rheumatologic disorders, Hepatitis C and other complex chronic conditions.

We provide specialty intravenous therapies like IVIg and clotting factor for patient use in the home, infusion clinic, or physician's office. Please give us a call at 1-888-571-3100 for a free consultation and health insurance evaluation.


Our Mission
The Mission of MedPro Rx is to provide high quality, customer responsive, specialty infusion services to our patients. Our goal is to participate in the healthcare process via integrated, community-based systems that combine pharmacy, nursing, and management experience to achieve positive outcomes for our patients. Through cost containment strategies and care coordination with existing community resources, we will provide care that uses sophisticated medication therapy management services to meet the clinical needs of the patient and their payor. We believe that adherence to these principles will provide a program that “sets the standard” for specialty infusion care. Read more...



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